360 Robot Vacuum - Smart sweeping and mopping

8 Reasons Why You Need SASA’s 360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7 in india
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Vacuum cleaners have been our companions for a very long time. Manual vacuum cleaner was invented in 1860 by Daniel Hess from Iowa in the United States. It was then called the 'carpet sweeper' and as the name suggests was primarily meant to gather dust from carpets. Though efficient, these machines required manual effort and consumed time, besides being difficult to be carried around. Over the next century, different and advanced models were made and marketed.

However, for many years vacuum cleaner remained to be a luxury item. It was only after the Second World War that this machine became common in most households. Even with this vast history spanning more than a century, vacuuming is one of the most hated chores in existence, almost everywhere. It is laborious, monotonous, and boring, and in today’s fast-paced society, it is simply too time-consuming.

Today, modern technology has changed the picture. We have robotic vacuum cleaners that do the work in no time and need no manual intervention.

SASA’s 360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a wonderful way to clean your home – an effort that requires no effort at all. You do not need to spend time or put in any effort in the cleaning process. Newly launched in India, the automatic floor cleaner cleans an area of up to 180 rnO. Among the innovative home appliances, this vacuum is a winner in all respects. It not only ranked number one in Korean Consumer Stashfin Award, but also won the Best Application Award at Bull Ear Awards – Ai.

Here are 8 more reasons why you need SASA's 360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at your home:

1. No Need for Manual Operation

If you are a working individual or you suffer from mobility issues or physical ailments, this robotic vacuum cleaner is a blessing in disguise. Not only does it improve your cleaning routine, but it does so without putting any extra strain on you or your situation. Simply turn it on (that too through a mobile application!) and let it do its job.
These devices contain various sensors, which allow it to clean independently. This eliminates the need to stand, walk, and bend over for extended periods of time. 360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is also great for elderly individuals who may be suffering from arthritis or joint pain. This vacuum can be preset to clean when needed, and typically requires very little maintenance.

2. Adjusts Cleaning Settings

The vacuum is designed to function smartly and automatically switches from sweeping mode to mopping mode when the water tank is installed. It also self-adjusts the main brush to allow the vacuum to handle uneven surfaces more flexibly. Further, it identifies carpets and automatically increases suction power to the maximum - a whopping 2000PA - for deep cleaning.

3. Identifies Off-limit Areas

The device's LDS Lidar and Slam Algorithm enable it to draw an accurate map of the area of your house to help itself maneuver through the space. You can also set off-limit areas via the mobile application and the vacuum will stay out of those boundaries.

4. Protective Sensors

One of the main concerns I’ve heard about robot vacuum cleaners, is that they will fall down the stairs, damage walls, or knock over other decors. SASA's Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with an anti- collision sensor which helps it slow down if there is furniture or object in its path. At the same time, the vacuum is able to identify objects that it can pass through, such as curtains and bedsheets, giving you a completely clean floor. The smart vacuum also has four anti-drop sensors that protect it from falling off the stairs.

5. Memory Cleaning

If the vacuum is in need of charging mid-way a cleaning process, it is smart enough to remember where it stopped. After recharging, the device will start its work at the spot it had last stopped.

6. Noise Reduction Ducts

Even when the suction power is maximized to 2000PA, the dual noise reduction ducts keep the machine’s working noise to a minimum.

7. Compatibility

Apart from the remote operation through the mobile application, the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is compatible with Tmall Elf and Alexa.

8. User-Friendly App

The mobile application easily helps you operate the device. You can also schedule a cleaning round according to your convenience, set off-limit areas, and command a custom area cleaning.
Electric home appliances can make your life much easier as they require minimum effort from your part. SASA aims at bringing innovative home appliances into Indian households to help people live a sanitary and hygienic life – in what they consume and the place they live in.