About us

About us

SASA Appliances is working towards making life hygienic and healthy.
We provide home appliances that keep your homes and food chemical-free and fresh.

SASA began in the trying times of lockdown due to the pandemic in early 2020. Like every other family, we would buy food in bulk to avoid daily trips to the market. Being home during the pandemic, I realised that the most daunting task in the kitchen is sterilizing the food - inside out.

How can you be sure the food is free of chemicals,
viruses, dirt, pesticides, and metals?

After a hard-pressed search over the internet, we came across the Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine. It guaranteed that the food on your table will be completely healthy for consumption. Moreover, the appliance enhanced the taste of the food too!

SASA Appliances now aims to ensure more families avail the benefits of modern technologies that help us
live a healthy life and enjoy the joys of an immaculate home.