SASA Appliances is working towards making life hygienic and healthy.
We provide home appliances that keep your homes and food chemical-free and fresh.

SASA Appliances now aims to ensure more families avail the benefits of modern technologies that help us
live a healthy life and enjoy the joys of an immaculate home.

Washing & Disinfecting Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetable
Washing Machine

Washing and Disinfecting Fruits and Vegetables

The Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine (vegetable cleaning machine) is designed
with the latest technology to both wash and disinfect food items. This gives your family
safe, healthy, chemical-free, and squeaky clean food everyday!

360 Robot Vacuum
Cleaner S7

Sweeping and mopping at the same time

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner lets you relax and enjoy your free time in the house.
With just a click of a button you can ensure sweeping and mopping of every
corner of your house.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7 in India
Spotless Floor Product